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My ficathon!  And now with the pic that inspired it!
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And then there were blueberries...

Guys guys guys.  So I get Birchbox once a month, which is lots of fun little treats.

ANYWAY, in this month's pack was shave lotion...wait for it...that was scented like blueberries.  THIS MORNING MY THIGHS ACTUALLY SMELLED LIKE BLUEBERRIES. My quest to be like Thalia is coming true!


Sneak Preview!

Although I'm still a few months away from publishing, I'm FINALLY at a place where I like the cover and had to share with everyone.  Special thanks to Charlie for being an early cheerleader.


The ladies take Dubai...

Guess which one of us had been up early for her flight?  It wasn't me!

So, I picked up the BAMF and we jumped in our lady taxi (it's a thing - believe me) and quickly scooted to the apartment I was renting.  After a Diet Coke break and dropping off of illegal goods Nyquil, it was a short walk to Dubai Mall for lunch...although the BAMF's healthy appetite put away a English Breakfast.  :)  We looked at stuff, chatted about upcoming nuptials and renuptials and even found a souvenir or two to take home and more contraband goods - yay bacon!  After we wasted time until the bar was open wandered through the world's largest mall, it was time for sunset drinks near the base of the Burj Khalifa, Cala Bar.  We wished you were all there, but enjoyed perfect weather and dancing fountains all the same.  We decided an overseas meet up would be just the thing for some future date - we're looking at you, Charlie and Lytton!

Properly hydrated, we met the extremely cute guy I was apparently renting the apartment from (thanks, AirBnb!) and after I tried to prostitute Hubs (for work, nothing else) it was off to DXB where above picture was taken.  And then I uncomfortably watched Anna Karenina and that hot blonde guy have sex on a small screen on the flight back to Doha - bad choice for a mostly Muslim flight.

Basically, the whole day I was like:
With a little bit of:
I hope Aditi got that upgrade she was hoping for!

Here's the Dubai fountains - you can pretend like you were there.

Blame/Thank Kate

The LRK is back!  (For the uninformed, this happens to be cowboy!verse's Nikolai and Lita's baby girl Tatiana all grown's up.  And since it has nae Shitennou, nor Senshi, it will stay on my page...

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Why am I so obsessed with this song?

I think it just proves how much I really am a 16 year old girl at heart.

Aug. 31st, 2012

Remember the agent who tracked me down earlier this year?  Turns out she's in New York and I'm going to have dinner with her!!!!!!!!

Guess who I get to meet next month?

The BAMF!  And guess what we're going to do?  Drink!  And talk fic!  And wish you were all with us!
Wish I had been able to time out my unexpected USA trip to include San Diego - but I'm sure it was a blast.  Pictures???

Because I feel like expressing myself in Gif form and it's been awhile since I updated....  Here is me when I first realized I was going to NYC and the BAMF was going to be in town.
Then when my boss said I could fly up front (and get tons of points!)
When I realized I would get to see Newsies on Broadway. 
When I figured out a new book to write last week. 

And last but not least - keep your fingers crossed.  Hubs and I might be on House Hunters International!!!!

This is me. Every day.


It's almost holiday time - can you tell?!?!?!

And so it goes...

No go for Disney. Yes, I'm sad. In my head I had built up any number of fantastical events which could have followed if the project had been optioned. C'est la vie? The producer isn't giving up, and has promised to put on her 'thinking cap' about who else to approach. Mrrr.


OC writing and busy work, what else is new? Looking forward to being Stateside in less than a month and in Hong Kong in about two months (just for a visit - we're in Qatar until at least next year).

Legend of Korra - any watchers? While I loved the season, I feel that the creators are entirely incapable of writing a functional romantic storyline. I love Korra, she's a bad ass...but Mako? Not so much, or is he? I'm still unsure where my ship will set anchor, but am leaning towards non-canon ideals (Korrasami makes the most sense so far - the girls deserve each other and have the most amount of actual passion / chemistry). Given ATLA had a full season order (20 episodes), I think the staff were given too short a time to fully develop characters. Sometimes we need filler episodes.  My two cents.